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Founded by Painter, Sculptor and designer Thomas Maes, TM-ART International combines the experience of over 40 global exhibitions, involvement in 7 art books and multiple art magazines as well as art blogging and web publishing.

Thomas Maes
Thomas Maes (1983) – BELGIUM Painter, Sculptor, Designer, gallerist, art event curator, event organization and art fair. Founder And Director of Art Antwerp Fair and organization cultural events Antwerp and international. Founder of Art Antwerp times Newspaper and Magazine. Worldwide exhibitions, solo and group exhibitions, with celebrities, Gallery’s and Top Art-fairs Worldwide. His works are drawing the attention of international collectors; his Sculpture designs and paintings are published in the fine art book Contemporary Masters, contemporary Sculptors and art magazines. The artist is influenced by a number of fields, including design, technology, science, architecture, and archaeology, as well as art history. With such innovation evident in his work, the visionary artist Maes is destined to take the art world by storm. Thomas Maes, born 1983 in Belgium, shows an extraordinary collection of paintings with ordinary objects in an unusual context. They attract the viewers interest by giving new meanings to familiar things. The use of ordinary objects in unfamiliar spaces is joined to his desire to create poetic imagery as well as his consciousness to think about the Universe. Thomas Maes described the process of painting as the art of putting colors side by side in such a way that their real aspect is effaced, so that familiar objects - CLOUDS, amphoras, houses, trees or cubic forms - become united in a single poetically disciplined image. The poetry of these images dispense with any symbolic significance, old or new. Each of these recurring themes can be interpreted differently and has significant meanings. His paintings entitled “Dark Matter”, “A New World” or “Civilization” represent images which evoke a kind of mystery. Thomas Maes' constant play with reality and illusion can be attributed to his interest in history, science and culture. Since seven years, the Belgian artist is living and working at the Greek island of Crete, surrounded by the ancient Minoan civilization and archetypical, archaelogical find spots. In his artworks Maes is playing back and forth, zapping reality and illusion on and off, reflecting his constantly shifting perception during his mental time journey. Since many years, Thomas Maes formed his own signature in a very clean, concise and precise style. Thomas Maes' interest is to inspire us; his works represent both dreams and apparent paradoxes at once. The themes and motifs encourage reflecting upon our world, Mankind, Genesis, Macrocosm and the Universe. (Written by; Art History Consulting / Management: Dr. phil. Barbara Aust-Wegemund) More info contact: info@tmartfinearts.com
Alastair Laidlaw & Christine Marsden
ALASTAIR LAIDLAW & CHRISTINE MARSDEN Dreams of Diamonds Welcome to our magnificent book Dreams of Diamonds and the exclusive limited edition set of prints from taken from the book entitled The Illuminant Edition. As photographic artists and designers for over 20 years we have been involved in all forms of photography and printing. Over the years we have become known for our work with precious stones, in particular diamonds, and have always aimed to combine our creative fine art ideas into our commercial work. As a result of this towards the end of 2007 we began to explore the idea of producing a wonderful book of highly creative photography exclusively devoted to diamonds. We are committed to large format images and have been very fortunate on numerous occasions to use the 20x24 inch Polaroid camera, producing exclusive collections of work in both Polaroid Transfer and Emulsion Lift techniques. We also specialized in Platinum Palladium printing with many of our images being printed using this technique. Considering all the large format work we had created throughout our careers, the idea of producing a fabulous ‘Super Book’ was a natural progression along a path we had already been travelling for many years. The project was completed in summer 2013 and had taken almost 6 years. Dreams of Diamonds is one of the most beautiful books’ in the world, it is also the largest book ever produced on diamonds. Published as a limited edition, with each image exquisitely created and featuring many of the most magnificent diamonds of all time, quite simply it stands as a unique work of art. A significant number of copies from the edition have already been distributed to many of the major libraries, museums and diamond institutions throughout the world. We are delighted to announce that the book will be on display to the public for the first time at the prestigious Diamonds For Life event at the Royal Paleis op de Meir in Antwerp in Feb 2014. Also being premiered for the first time at this event is the exclusive collection of prints taken from Dreams of Diamonds entitled The Illuminant Edition. This is a strictly limited edition, with only 10 boxed sets of prints being produced. We feel honoured and privileged to have been able to create such an exceptional and unique project and extend our heartfelt thanks to the many wonderful people involved. Christine and Alastair Some Important Facts about Dreams of Diamonds: 1/ There are over 500 million dollars worth of diamonds displayed in the book, including the 2 most expensive diamonds in the world. 1st The Pink Star 2nd The Millennium Star 2/ We have the 2 most perfectly graded, flawless identical diamonds ever found - Yin, Yang. 3/ This Magnum Opus is the largest limited edition book on diamonds ever published, and also in the top 5 of the largest limited edition books to be produced in the last 100 years. Email: contact@dreamsofdiamonds.com
Alexander Lee
I grew up in the coastal suburbs of Perth, spending much of my youth surfing the southwest coast of Western Australia I have spent the last 10 years travelling the world and working professionally as an artist and illustrator in Scandinavia. In 2010 I resided in the coastal area of Gnarabup, Margaret River, where I was content to capture the down south experience in all his mediums. In 2008 I decided to focus fully on my artwork and becoming a fulltime artist. My background is Fine Art (Claremont School of Fine Art, WA) so I started with detailed Pencil Drawings. In 2009 I started working more with Acrylic on Water Colour Paper. By the end of 2010 I went from very detailed and realistic drawing/painting to experimenting more with the abstract. I am currently working and living in both Stockholm Sweden and Salzburg Austria.
Monica Andres Alvarez
"My process begins with the imagination yet strives to express universal truths inherent in personal subjective experience. My work is in free hand; utilize organic materials, and focuses on what can be realized through focusing on the details. I redefine objects and embody a raw sensitivity exposed through the process of deconstruction and reconstruction. While my oeuvre clearly hints at unconscious truths I rejects the idea of “perfection” and embraces the beauty and truth stemming from the “mistake”. My influences are meditation, pop art, and expertise and study of publicity, fashion, architecture and graphic design.” Monica Andres Alvarez was born in Spain and studied Graphic Design in Madrid and Event Management for Art Industries at St. Martin’s College London. The London based artist, who actually has a show at British Council, is creating abstractions, which are clearly structured and yet fluent. Nevertheless her artworks are not abstract landscapes in the classical sense with a horizon or perspective lines. They can be read as micro-or macroscopic sections. Expressing the changing lights and vanity of beauty, the motifs are combining dark and bright colors to achieve a strong two-dimensional colour composition. Shapes and colors play a game of interaction between background and foreground, space and ornament.
Priska Medam
Priska Medam, born in Basel/ Switzerland, created a series of works involved in the magic cosmos of life. Reminiscent of nature, her work reflects the processes of forming, of growth and change, of becoming and of passing away. Graphic elements, shapes and colors create the relationship between background and foreground, silence and movement. Her inexhaustible source is the human life. As a sensitive artist she always observes her environment and creates new ideas full of passion. Colors and forms arise from her inner circle. Priska Medam is fascinated by art which engages people. Her works represent at once daydreams and apparent paradoxes. In the last 5 years Priska has taken part in and hosted many exhibitions at Gallery's and has displayed her work in Switzerland, Germany, France and the United States. In 2001 she commenced her studies as a painter and is now a curator for many events in Basel.
Vincent Messelier
Vincent Messelier, born in Kortrijk, Belgium, on October 6th of 1967. Vincent started painting in May of 2006. He is a passionate auto-dictate artist. Vincent paints, flowing from his heart and soul, often while listening to jazz or whatever music fits his mood in the moment. In March of 2011, he sold his cash collecting office that he had started in 1992 in order to follow his dedication to art. In January of 2012, Vincent Messelier became a member of the Dubai Art Centre, where he has since exhibited his works and set up a studio. The following April, he exhibited in New York City, at the prestigious Broadway Gallery. Messelier developed his own creative style. He called it ‘Meridianism’. For this, he uses pallet knives and creates his signature vertical and horizontal stripes, and lines which refer to the worlds’ meridians. He uses acrylic and sometimes uses wood, foam and other materials. The artist also started a second line of works for hospitality and business. His concept combines his talents for photography and graphic design. Vincent creates layered images with his paintings and photographs through repetition of a particular theme. He has been commissioned to for such works in the themes of horses, historical buildings, birds, cars, sports, eagles, and more. In December of 2012, Vincent Messelier opened his own gallery in his hometown of Kortrijk in Belgium. He named it Mattisse, after his own son. To date, he has exhibited in New York, Dubai, Paris, Brussels, Bruges, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Bari, and Barcelona and has been requested to show and sell his works in Berlin, Los Angeles, Palermo, Milan, Las Vegas, Lisbon and Casablanca. The artist has appeared in several books including world renowned art book Contemporary Masters of 2012, Important World Artists 2013, I Segnalati, Artisti and International Contemporary Artists. Vincent Messelier works on commission. To request a personalized art piece, or to see his past works, visit: www.ateliermattisse.be and www.vincentmesselier.be or view his profiles on Google+, Linkedin and Facebook.
Patrick Ramont
Patrick Ramont is a phenomenon, an enthusiastic artist, a passionate painter who succeeds in a field where just about everything seems to be portrayed repeated and haughty copying, yet to hear their own voice and develop both a personal visual language of form and content is beholden to no one. He uses an equally obvious and remarkable figuration that are realistic about coming, and then loaded by symbolism, with hints of magic is adorned, is immediately visible and which are still unfolding on closer inspection in various waves of recognition. He paints what he sees and what he suspects behind the visible and feel, which is part of his inner life and his daydreams that fundamental part of his existence. Thus sets grow large canvases in which instance he hurt depicts a surprising abstract visual language that graceful and evocative at the same time, or a female nude in an unusual coloration and in a candid and direct tone of admiration and visual field daring to approach a concrete and true reality. Much of what he paints has a strange appearance that one can not interpret because both the allure and the meanings of his scenes are barely or not at all seen immediately and show a surprising depth and a unique vision of what goes beyond the everyday presentation. Not that he would develop inaccessible but in many of his paintings, and certainly in the works here is indeed more than just shape and color available. A visual language he clearly chose here to show that a significant undercurrent, reveal his entire oeuvre, all of which have to do with space and spatiality, with three of the five elements, circles and depth, with light that carries a number of works many mysteries, with palpable mystery, and an abundance of boulders and stones in colors that avoid alienating many artists because they are so difficult to handle. Purple and teal, however, take this to the creation of an almost magical atmosphere which further emphasized by the structure of his works, by the presence of immediately visible and somewhat hidden circles, through darkness and light that enter a fascinating dialogue. "I am a moon child, born at full moon" says Patrick Ramont with artless and innocent belief that evidence of a peaceful and meaningful self-confidence. That statement can be seen as an explanation for the ubiquity of a shining and often triple circular motif in paintings of darkness and light, shadows and ghosts, of reality and symbolism of what is sometimes described as the music of the spheres. Nature is an important motif in his creativity. He integrates her in a personal way and rarely seen in everything he paints. So much so that they coincide with his view of things and beings that they spontaneously appears when he guided himself through his imagination. This applies equally to concrete structures as ethereal images like moon and clouds, heavenly bodies, a personal view of physicality and also many that refers to the sea in general and breakwaters and palisade of Ostend in particular. He portrays a silent world of a multi-layered universe in which light is a walking data that is born from a variety of sources, which dragon eggs break open and a mischievous creature appears, in which a medieval devil chuckles, a world in which man is not yet present and little further another world in which man has already come and gone his characteristic destruction has made what is suggested. a broken pier Patrick Ramont depicts alienation and also a reality that is part of his experience and by fantastique, powered view of the world that surrounds him and part of his artistic mind. That is, as already mentioned, nudes with a special appearance but above clouds and skies, depth and tranquility, stones tend towards an elliptical shape and with a strange luminosity are animated and sometimes have something of menhirs, references to the sea with clouds a play important role, celestial bodies that the trinity of water, fire and earth calls circles that show how closely he puts colors and creates transparencies, a sensitive and immeasurable background that is populated subtle references and presences. He creates dialogues and makes connections between reality and fantasy books, between form and content, between the pure and authentic painting and a personal philosophy. What might be a little strange at first glance turns out afterwards to be a real and artless pictorial drive the reflection. Written by: Hugo Brutin (a.i.c.a.)
Alan Landry
ALAN LANDRY THE VOICE OF MONACO Alan is an extremely experienced and accomplished pianist and singer. During his extraordinary career he has achieved a top ten hit in the USA and has collaborated with the great Stevie Wonder on a number of occasions. He has performed at some of the world’s most prestigious HOTELS AND in front of personalities such as Bill Gates, Billy Joel, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and more. His electric performances are full of energy and passion and can be performed in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. His shows can be tailored to suit the needs of the client: his performances can be given an intimate, interactive element as guests can request songs from a menu of over 4,000. He can also perform a stage show featuring dazzling choreography, stunning BACK UP singers and powerful covers of Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Barry White, Otis Redding and more. Alan’s fully customizable shows and energetic performances will bring an extra spark of excitement to your event.