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Vincent Messelier

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Artist description

Vincent Messelier, born in Kortrijk, Belgium, on October 6th of 1967.
Vincent started painting in May of 2006. He is a passionate auto-dictate artist. Vincent paints, flowing from his heart and soul, often while listening to jazz or whatever music fits his mood in the moment. In March of 2011, he sold his cash collecting office that he had started in 1992 in order to follow his dedication to art. In January of 2012, Vincent Messelier became a member of the Dubai Art Centre, where he has since exhibited his works and set up a studio. The following April, he exhibited in New York City, at the prestigious Broadway Gallery.
Messelier developed his own creative style. He called it ‘Meridianism’. For this, he uses pallet knives and creates his signature vertical and horizontal stripes, and lines which refer to the worlds’ meridians. He uses acrylic and sometimes uses wood, foam and other materials. The artist also started a second line of works for hospitality and business. His concept combines his talents for photography and graphic design. Vincent creates layered images with his paintings and photographs through repetition of a particular theme. He has been commissioned to for such works in the themes of horses, historical buildings, birds, cars, sports, eagles, and more.
In December of 2012, Vincent Messelier opened his own gallery in his hometown of Kortrijk in Belgium. He named it Mattisse, after his own son. To date, he has exhibited in New York, Dubai, Paris, Brussels, Bruges, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Bari, and Barcelona and has been requested to show and sell his works in Berlin, Los Angeles, Palermo, Milan, Las Vegas, Lisbon and Casablanca. The artist has appeared in several books including world renowned art book Contemporary Masters of 2012, Important World Artists 2013, I Segnalati, Artisti and International Contemporary Artists.
Vincent Messelier works on commission. To request a personalized art piece, or to see his past works, visit:
www.ateliermattisse.be and www.vincentmesselier.be or view his profiles on Google+, Linkedin and Facebook.