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Priska Medam

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Artist description

Priska Medam, born in Basel/ Switzerland, created a series of works involved in the magic cosmos of life. Reminiscent of nature, her work reflects the processes of forming, of growth and change, of becoming and of passing away. Graphic elements, shapes and colors create the relationship between background and foreground, silence and movement. Her inexhaustible source is the human life. As a sensitive artist she always observes her environment and creates new ideas full of passion. Colors and forms arise from her inner circle. Priska Medam is fascinated by art which engages people. Her works represent at once daydreams and apparent paradoxes. In the last 5 years Priska has taken part in and hosted many exhibitions at Gallery's and has displayed her work in Switzerland, Germany, France and the United States.
In 2001 she commenced her studies as a painter and is now a curator for many events in Basel.