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Monica Andres Alvarez

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Artist description

"My process begins with the imagination yet strives to express universal truths inherent in personal subjective experience. My work is in free hand; utilize organic materials, and focuses on what can be realized through focusing on the details. I redefine objects and embody a raw sensitivity exposed through the process of deconstruction and reconstruction. While my oeuvre clearly hints at unconscious truths I rejects the idea of “perfection” and embraces the beauty and truth stemming from the “mistake”. My influences are meditation, pop art, and expertise and study of publicity, fashion, architecture and graphic design.”
Monica Andres Alvarez was born in Spain and studied Graphic Design in Madrid and Event Management for Art Industries at St. Martin’s College London. The London based artist, who actually has a show at British Council, is creating abstractions, which are clearly structured and yet fluent. Nevertheless her artworks are not abstract landscapes in the classical sense with a horizon or perspective lines. They can be read as micro-or macroscopic sections. Expressing the changing lights and vanity of beauty, the motifs are combining dark and bright colors to achieve a strong two-dimensional colour composition. Shapes and colors play a game of interaction between background and foreground, space and ornament.